Our website has 128 bit SSL Sertificate

SSL and your safety

SSL technology fine over the internet because of its superior security and encrypt method , the world standart for safe shopping.With SSL technology began the process of buying directly from the users computer and the direct debit and cresid card is no information for an encrypted communication becomes gndgift.com seen by employees or third parties.

Secured such as a virtual stores on the internet shop gndgift.com is safer than shopping with credit card from a pyhsical store like restaurant or petrol station.Your credit card number and card details unknown by our personal and never seen from anyone.

Safety For Credit Card

In order to serve you 24 hours a day uninterrupted gndgift.com internet shop is configured by using the high tech.Personal information entered on each page of your browser , you will see a lock at the bottom.This represents a key provided by 128 – bit SSL certificate and any information you send via your browser does not appear by the third parties.

All the banks in our store VISA and MASTERCARD credit cards are accepted.gndgift.com never keep this numbers and does not register.So you want show anyone your credit card number.

Data Safety

gndgift.com was established for safety and comfortable shopping.

All sensitive and personal information collected from users , hiding the highest standarts of electronic and pyhsical security , that only autherized personal and only when it is inevitable under the approval of the reach of the user with a system , used in the framework of existing international laws and the laws of Republic of Turkey.Compiled by users of personal and sensitive information without the consert of gndgift.com user voluntarily under any name for any reason and to disclose any pretext tos hare such information with third parties undertake not to use anda buse and in no way quarentees.

Security of Privacy of Personal Information

All the information you provide with gndgift.com will be kept strictly confidential.We are aware of how sensitive you about your information.This information will never be sold or shared.But gndgift.com does not accept responsibility if it is obtained illegally.

Data Sharing

gndgift.com containing the above – mentioned personal information other than the general user information to make its services more efficiently analyze and interpret in order to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction and outstanding reserves to right to share with business partners.

Do I have to pay with a credit card ?

The original form of payment with credit card payment in our store.
Bank Transfer / EFT can pay with.